US Bank Customer Service and Support Phone Numbers

US Bank is a American diversified financial corporation and it was founded in the year 1863. The US bank is the second oldest bank in the unites states and too secure bank.US Bank offers many services to their bank customer, features like Online Banking, Online BillPay, Credit Card, Mortgage, Investment, Personal Banking and etc features. In this article I am listed US Bank essential customer care phone number and also tollfree number.

US Bank

US Bank Online & Mobile Banking Customer Service Number: 800-US BANKS (872-2657)

If you are the customer of US bank and you need any information related to online banking and mobile banking just make a call to above number to get support.

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  • Whenever your call was connected then you can hear the system voice welcome to U.S. Bank how would you like to access your account?
  • If you have the information of your account or card number just press 1.
  • Or if you have the information of your social security or pass ID number just press 2.
  • If you are looking information related to other banking services including opening new account just press 3.
  • Here you have to enter your account or card number followed by the pound key.

US Bank Customer Care Phone Number: 800-US BANKS (800-872-2657)

Above mentioned number is the general customer service phone number, if you have the doubt or need information related to US bank services just make a call to above number.

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  • For Cincinnati Metro: 513-632-4141.
  • For Denver Metro: 303-585-8585.
  • For Milwaukee Metro: 414-765-4636.
  • For Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro: 612-US BANKS and 612-872-2657.
  • For Portland Metro: 503-US BANKS and 503-872-2657.
  • For St. Louis Metro: 314-425-2000.

US Bank Checking & Savings Account Customer Service Number: 800-872-2657.

  • Using this number you can clarify you any doubts related to savings account and checking accounts, like changing address and names, add names and remove names also.

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US Bank Checking Card Customer Service Number: 800-236-3838.

  • If you are looking information related to activate card, to chage ATM pin or check Card Pin. Just make a call to above number to get assist related to Card.

US Bank Check the Status of My Credit Card Application: 800-947-1444.

  • Using this number you can check your credit application status which was accepted or rejected.

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US Bank Card/Account Customer Service Number:

  • Check Cards or ATM Cards Lost or Stolen just report using this phone number: 800-872-2657.
  • Credit card was Lost or Stolen Credit Cards then report using this number: 800-285-8585.
  • Credit-Line Cards or Checks was lost or stolen just inform to bank using this number: 888-852-5786.

US Bank Mortgage Customer Service Number: 800-365-7772.

  • If you are looking information related to Mortgage then make a Call: 800-365-7772.

US Bank Home Equity Loan or Line Customer Service Number: 800-720-BANK.

  • This is a number for home equity loan and line customer can check the application status via this number.
  • If you like to speak someone about a Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) request: 800-934-9555.

US Bank Military Service Center: 513-277-5899.

  • Above mentioned number is military service customer care number, if you have any doubt or need information it’s international phone number you can get assist.

US Bank Auto Loans, Boat, Leases Customer Service Number: 800-934-9555.

  • If you are looking information related to auto loans, boat, and any leases related information make call to this number.

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US Bank Student Loan Customer Service Number: 800-934-9555

  • Above mentioned number is student loan customer care number if you have need any information regard student loan of US bank just make a call to above number. If you need international phone number: 513-277-5899.

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  1. Joshua Place

    I have your FlexPerks credit cards One Visa and American Express gold and i was told they don’t have transaction fees foreign and I’m being charged on my cards and I need it fixed please contact me back at

    I have been trying to email my bankers and there not responding. It’s been 5 days.

    I am in Chile and need this fixed..
    My bank is in the Cherry Creek store in Denver Colorado Robert Lally and Joaquin Gurley are the bankers.

    Please kindly help me get this fixed

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