Holland America Line Customer Service and Contact Phone Numbers

Holland America Line was founded in the year of 1873  for a shippping and passenger line between the Netherlands and North America. Holland America Line is a British-American based cruise line and owned by Carnival Corporation & plc since 1989. Holland America Line provides many services like Cruises, Cruise Ship Deals, Travel and more. Holland America Line offers many supports for their services to their customers Email support and Customer care phone numbers via toll-free numbers and contact phone numbers and reservation phone numbers.

In this article I listed essential Holland America Line customer care number, Holland America Line contact number and Holland America Line toll-free numbers. If you are the customer of Holland America Line and if you would like to know more about Holland America Line services just use following numbers.

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Holland America

Holland America Booking Phone Number: 1-877-932-4259

Above mentioned number is for Holland America line booking phone number, using this number you can able to reserve your Holland America ticket easily from your mobile. If you are customer of Holland America and if you are looking support from Holland America customer service department just use this number because it is customer care phone number also.

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Whenever you make a call to this number at very first the automated system will response you as, thank you for choosing Holland American Line where true excellence, we create once in a lifetime experiences every time, and then you will get alert notification that is) your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

  • If you would like to know information anything related to travel agent please press 1.
  • And here is the more options please choose from one of the following options.
  • If you would like to request a brochure, please press 1.
  • If you like to speak with a Holland American Line reservations agent, please press 2.
  • Or if you are calling regarding group reservations for eight or more state rooms please press 1.
  • And if you are calling regarding pricing and availability, please press 2.
  • Or if you would like to know information for calling to make a payment on a booking please press 3.
  • If you are calling for looking information to help with online check in please press 4.
  • Or if would like to know information for other questions about an existing reservation, please press 5.
  • If you like to know information to purchase shore excursions please press 3.
  • If you are looking information for all other callers please press 2.

Holland American Lines Emergency Contact Phone Number: 1-800-628-4771

Above mentioned number is Holland American Lines emergency contact phone number, if you are the customer of Holland American Lines and if you are looking emergency support just make a call to this number.

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Whenever you make a call to this number at very first the automated system will responses you as, thank you for choosing Holland American Lines air/sea department, where true excellence, we create once in a lifetime experiences every time. And then you will get the alert notification that is) your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes

And here is the options just choose following options, please chose from one of the following options.

  • If you are looking information for travelling within the next 42 hours and are calling about a flight delay or cancellation, please press 1.
  • If you are looking information for the extension of the party you are calling, please press 2
    Or if you are looking information for all other air/sea questions, please press 3 or hold your call and then the next available agent.

Other Important Customer Service and Contact Phone Numbers:

  • Contact a Ship / Communication at Sea Contact Phone Number: 1-866-425-7447 (1-866-HAL-SHIP)
  • Lost and Found at (206) 264-7822 or via email at: hrsea@na.intercruises.com.
  • Holland America Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-932-4259
  • Holland America Reservations By Phone Using Phone Number: 1-800-426-0327
  • Holland America Reservations By Alaska Phone Using Phone Number: 1-800-391-6258
  • POLAR Online Registration Issue customer support Phone Number: 1-800-544-9032
  • Agency Profile Registration, Updates, Mergers, & Reservations GDS Support Phone Number: 1-800-426-0327
  • Reservations Accounting Support Phone Number: 1-888-663-5384
  • World Cruise Reservations Support Phone Number: 1-800-522-3399
  • Reservations For Shore Excursions Reserve Online Support Phone Number: 1-888-425-9376
  • Group Administration Support Phone Number: 1-888-425-9477
  • Group Shore Excursions Support Phone Number: 1-888-253-4780
  • Incentives & Charters Inquiries and bookings for incentive groups and ship charters Support Phone Number: 1-800-445-3731
  • Onboard Event Services To set up group events, cocktail parties and reserve onboard meeting space Support phone number: 1-877-885-4259
  • Business Development Services Support Phone Number: 1-800-544-0443
  • Brochures & Sales Materials Support and Contact Phone Number: for U.S. phone: 1-800-626-9900 and for Canada phone: 1-800-663-5384
  • Access & Compliance Support and Contact Phone Number: 1-800-547-8493
  • Air/Sea AirPlus Request Form Support Phone Number: 1-800-628-4771
  • Documentation Support Phone Number: 1-877-425-2236
  • Guest Relations Inquiries, compliments and complaints on current or past sailings Support Phone Number: 1-800-599-8256
  • Public Relations Support and Contact Phone Number: 1-800-637-5029
  • Ship Services Support and Contact Phone Number:  1-800-541-1576
  • Holland America Making a Group Reservation: 1–877–932–4259
  • Holland America Planning an Incentive Group or Charter: 1–800–445–3731
  • Holland America Questions regarding your Mariner status: 1–800–547–9139
  • Holland America Accessible Cruising: 800–547–8493 or 206–281–3535 (ext. 4514)
  • Holland America TTY: 800–254–8669
  • Holland America Ship Services: 1–800–541–1576
  • Holland America Shore Excursions: 1–888–425–9376
  • Holland America EMERGENCY Contact: 206–281–3535 or 1–888–361–8803
  • Holland America Media Relations: 1–800–637–5029.

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4 Comments to Holland America Line Customer Service and Contact Phone Numbers


    Because my travel companion and I previously enjoyed three Holland cruises that far exceeded our expectations, we recently completed our fourth Holland cruise which was to be our dream trip to South America.

    This trip, however, was filled with disappointments. We quickly learned that our ship, the Ms. Maasdam which is reportedly around 23 years old, was not passenger-ready even though it had been in dry-dock for several days. For the first four days of our cruise, we along with passengers located in our area, were without hot water. We were told several times by Customer Services that the problem would be fixed, or that it had already been fixed, only to learn that the water continued to be slightly lukewarm. On the fifth day, the hot water appeared to be restored. About a week later, the hot water ran out again and we insisted upon getting another room, at which time we were told by Customer Services that the ship was full and there were no more rooms available. We asked to speak to someone in charge, and we were finally referred to LaToya in Customer Relations. LaToya offered us another room which was not of equal value and the door to the room would not close securely. We elected to stay in our regular room and take our chances, thinking another room might be more problematic.

    The next disappointment came on an excursion, in which the inefficient use local government tenders resulted in a group of Holland passengers enduring a 3 1/2 hour wait on the deck in the pouring rain, with no food, water or restrooms while waiting on a second group of passengers stranded on a broken-down tender to be rescued. The 3 1/2 wait was a result of a government tender carrying the second group of Holland passengers breaking down in the water, becoming stranded and heavily leaning to one side. This second group was literally stuck in the water for hours. Another government tender was trying to make a rescue, but to no avail. While we could clearly see what was going on, we had no communication from Holland staff about what was happening. During this 3 1/2 hour wait on the deck, two passengers in our group had to be medically evacuated and one passenger fainted. Eventually a tender pulled up alongside a docked ferry near our group. We were instructed to step onto the ferry, and then exit from the other side to get onto the available tender waiting for us. We were able to do that successfully. When our tender finally came in sight of Ms. Maasdam, the government tender crew appeared to be physically unable to navigate the tender to the opening of the ship, resulting in the Holland America crew hoistering a rope to pull the tender close enough to the ship to disembark. While we were impressed with the Holland America crew coming to the rescue, we had no step or stair access to the industrial belly of the ship where we were deposited. My friend, who had a fractured hip and walked with the aid of a crutch, was told (along with everyone else) to jump down about 3 feet from the tender onto the ship. my friend reinjured her hip and hurt her right knee. The following day, neither of us were able to go ashore and enjoy the day due to fatigue, dehydration and Ms. Harper’s hip and knee injury. We are both senior citizens and such an activity was a challenge to us and many others as well.

    Our next disappointment came during the last week of the cruise when toxic fumes were continually coming through the air vents in our room. It seems that painting was being done on parts of the ship and somehow we were beneficiaries of the fumes. Our symptoms were difficulty breathing, sinus problems, metallic taste in mouth, headaches and nausea. After several days of complaining to Customer Services, we were told to vacate our room for several hours a day, while a standing fan was brought in to clear the air. Needless to say, the fan did not resolve the root cause of the problem. The paint that was being used apparently had not been tested to be suitable for use on a cruise ship full of people. Again we were told by Customer Services that no one else was having this issue. Again this was untrue, as the whole wing of our side of the ship was affected and passengers were having to leave their rooms due to fumes. This is how we ended our cruise.

    Considering the number of days we were incapacitated along with the days we did not have full use of our room, we estimate that we had only 12 days that were problem-free, notwithstanding my friend’s physical difficulties as a result of her injury.
    More than the disappointments described above, we were mystified by the lack of communication between Customer Services and the facility staff, and were actually blown away by the falsehoods that were continually presented to us. Other passengers voiced the same concerns and it was common knowledge on the ship if you wanted anything done, go to the head of the department, get a person’s name and hold him or her responsible.
    In return, we are requesting a two-week cruise, at no cost to us, that includes at least the level of a lanai room to make up for the ruination of our dream vacation. We want to know that we can still enjoy a Holland cruise, problem-free, and that it will continue to exceed our expectations.

  2. Vera Scrimshaw


  3. Ben Smith

    Why does Holland America treat smokers like so called “niggers”? I can’t smoke on my balcony anymore? Your turrets put out more damaging smoke in one day than my cigarette could do in 15 years!! You are being prejudiced and I demand an apology for being treated this way! 10K for a room and you can’t accommodate me? NEVER again!!! This will be my last trip on your line. Waited until I paid off my trip before even boarding and then tell me this stupid information! Your Casinos treated me like a so-called “nigger” earlier this year. No smoking night in a Casino???? You accommodate all the other guests with a space for them in the casino on every other night, offering a non smoking section!! When are you going to show less bias and give the smokers a special section?

    • Ardea Tamraz

      well i am sorry to say Sir but you a very selfish to expect that we non smokers should have to but up with inhaling your stale tobacco not mention the smell to our clothes and how bad it is for our health, i have just had a major heart surgery
      about 3 months ago i am going on a cruise within 7 days and i have travelled on several major cruise lines the only one that i recall have a smokers section is the Queen Mary at the rear of the ship and that is where i think all smokers or better still stay on land and smoke away

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